Safe Birth. Healthy Families. Vibrant Communities.

In Circle of Life’s cozy, homelike space, parents and birth professionals come together with the shared goal of supporting women and families. Since opening the doors in January of 2011, founders Rosie Messina and Colleen Kennedy-Schroeder envisioned a dynamic family center that would evolve with the diverse needs of the community. Today, Rosie and Colleen continue to provide Circle of Life’s core services while staying engaged with the greater community they are so proud to be part of.

At Circle of Life, we’re not interested in crowding out dissenting voices. Our mission is to embrace voices from across the spectrum of experience. Whether you’re birthing in a hospital, home, or birth center, you are welcomed. Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, you are supported. Whether you’re sharing a joyful birth story or seeking support after a painful ordeal, you are heard. Through joy, pain, and struggle alike, families grow stronger. Unfettered by any particular approach or philosophy, Circle of Life is a place where every parent can feel at home.

Our Philosophy