Rosie Messina, Midwife

My passion for birth was born the day my granddaughter came into the world, at home, in our bathtub. My own births had been filled with intervention and fear. Young and uninformed, I could have filled a truck with what I didn’t know about birth. My third birth, a home birth, was very different. I educated myself, my questions were answered, I made informed choices. It was a priceless experience of joy and empowerment, which is why I am committed to supporting other women in finding their “best birth.” Through support, education, and self-discovery every woman can forge her own birth path.

After my third child was born, I became a doula and began studying to be a midwife. My earlier life experiences as a licensed massage therapist, registered yoga teacher and therapist, and athletic trainer gave me a solid foundation to build on.

My bachelor’s degree is in History and Sports Medicine and I have done post graduate work in Gestalt psychotherapy. Through all of my studies I have learned great respect for human beings and the ways in which we relate to our environment and each other. I have great faith in women’s abilities to navigate their environment and make wise choices. My wish is to support women in discovering their own unique path to wellness and joy.

Colleen Kennedy-Schroeder, Doula/Monitrice & Massage Therapist

I am a mother to four wonderful children, each with their own unique birth story. My personal birth experiences have included- a traumatic birth full of interventions in the hospital, two natural births with certified nurse midwives in the hospital, and a home birth with traditional midwives. These experiences led to my passion for supporting and empowering women as they give birth, especially after a previous C-section or traumatic birth experience. I believe the only “right” way to give birth is by being educated and empowered, and I hope to help mothers achieve that.

I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh in cultural anthropology and international service. I am also a licensed

massage therapist, doula, and midwife apprentice. Through my studies in anthropology and body work, I have learned to truly integrate the woman as a whole- spiritually, mentally and physically. Through my travels and service work abroad, I learned to internalize and honor the boundaries and sacred space to which each individual is entitled . I apply these principles in my approach to all aspects of my life, both personal and professional.

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