Our Philosophy

Circle of Life is an organization of parents, professionals, and community members working together to guide and support women through various life stages. We believe that true knowledge resides within the woman and is discovered through experience, discussion, and self reflection.

We Believe That:

  • Women have the right to care that is safe and respectful of their individual needs.
  • Wellness encompasses emotional and spiritual well-being together with physical health.
  • Birth is a healthy, natural, and normal process for which a woman’s body is brilliantly designed.
  • Human touch and technology each have their place, and can coexist.
  • Women and families have the right and responsibility to assume an active role in their own birth experience and overall wellness.



  • Education is an essential part of quality health care.
  • Each woman has the right to informed choice in the use of medical tests, and in natural and medical recommendations and interventions.
  • In order for families to be best equipped to meet the challenges of parenthood, broad access to information and respect for individual choices is vital.
  • The ideal healthcare environment is one of collaboration between all professionals with specialized knowledge and skills.
  • Every woman has the right to give birth where she feels most safe and comfortable.
  • Because women’s health and childbearing affect more than just mothers and babies, our care should support and promote the well-being of the entire family.
  • Human beings at all stages of development and in all life circumstances deserve respect, compassion, and the opportunity to live life to their greatest potential.


Our Commitment

  • Our care is woman-focused, and encourages women to take an active role in wellness through education and communication.
  • We care for people using holistic principles; recognizing that each individual encompasses physical, emotional, social and spiritual elements that work synergistically to create a whole.
  • We foster a sense of community among women, families, and providers.
  • We educate the general public about the midwifery model of care and build bridges within the medical community to promote professional, collaborative relationship.

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